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Marc Chagall

Limited Edition Lithographs

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Lovers in the Sky at St Paul, Marc Chagall
Lovers in the Sky at St Paul
 Copper Plate Etching
17" x 24"
Le Songe du Peintre, Marc Chagall
Le Songe du Peintre
Color Lithograph, 1967
30" x 23"
The Red Rooster, Marc Chagall
The Red Rooster
Color Lithograph, 1952
15" x 22"
The Lovers Heaven, Marc Chagall
The Lovers Heaven
Color Lithograph, 1963
16" x 11"
The Tribe of Levi, Marc Chagall
The Tribe of Levi
Color Lithogrpah, 1964
25.5" x 19"
The Tribe of Simeon, Marc Chagall
The Tribe of Simeon
Color Lithograph, 1961
25.5"x 19 "
Carmen, Marc Chagall
Color Lithograph Poster, 1966
39.5" x 25"
Le Village Fantastique, Marc Chagall
Le Village Fantastique
Lithograph, 1964-1965
28" x 20"
Le Couple Sans Le Rideau, Marc Chagall
Le Couple Sans Le Rideau
Color Lithograph, 1984
23.5" x 18"
The Painter with Candlestick, Marc Chagall
The Painter with Candlestick
Lithograph, 1984
17" x 13"
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