New Palm Beach Gallery!!!
We Have Opened a Second Gallery on Worth Avenue.
Sleuths of the Artistic Kind
In Florence, skilled restorers, with help from technology, lay bare the secret pasts of masterworks.
Art News: At Least 12 Museums in New York Are Discussing Mergers or Closures Amid Financial Pressure + Other Stories
Plus, the Knoedler forgery scandal will become a feature film and a David Hockney landscape could fetch $35 million at Phillips.
Art News: What The MFA's Delayed Basquiat Show Tells Us About The Future Of Art Exhibitions
The pandemic has changed, well, seems like just about everything. That includes the arts and how audiences can engage with culture. This week, WBUR's arts reporters are examining how a few different art forms are being made and displayed in Boston. First stop, the Museum of Fine Arts to find out how COVID-19 is impacting what visitors will see on its walls for the foreseeable future.
Art News: 280,000 Viewers Watch Christie’s Live-Streamed $341 M. Evening Sale Featuring Rothko, Twombly and a T. Rex
On Tuesday, 280,000 viewers tuned into the first major auction of the fall season live-streamed from Christie’s Rockefeller center headquarters. The evening sale, which combined modern and contemporary art with the fossilized skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, generated $340.8 million with buyer’s fee across 46 lots.
London Designer: Art Should Be Focal Point of a Home
Sophie Ashby talks inspiration, quality service, and the need for diversity in interior design.
The Importance of Minimalism in a Chaotic, Cluttered World
We live in the busiest, most hectic period in history, to the point where it sometimes seems like things are bordering on relentlessly frantic. The world is crammed with an overabundance of objects, processes, people, ideas, and complexity, and all that stuff ends not only filling the domain around us, but imposing itself on our interior spaces as well. Internally and externally, reality has become cluttered. It can be an overwhelming situation. The solution, perhaps, is in Minimalism. I’m not referring to the Minimalistic lifestyle—though that can certainly be related—but rather Minimalist Art.
Art News: How Artists Are Pivoting And The Business Of Art Is Changing During The Pandemic
The pandemic has impacted every single industry, but especially the art world. Traditional art investors have not only pulled back due to financial uncertainty but also because galleries have been closed and events such as art fairs have been canceled. At the same time, the overall societal connection to art and design has increased immeasurably.
Mackenzie Thorpe Sculptures
These are sold out sculptures by Mackenzie Thorpe that we were able to acquire for sale.
Art News: Where Should Art History Go in the Future? As Survey Courses Change, the Past Evolves
Curricular changes rarely make headlines even in the confines of a college town, but after Yale University’s art history department announced plans to revamp its introductory survey courses with global offerings less focused on Europe and the United States, the news prompted a national outcry.
Art News: $19 M. Francis Bacon Portrait of Sole Heir Heads to Sotheby’s London Auction
Following the $85 million achieved for a monumental Francis Bacon triptych that led Sotheby’s marquee contemporary auction on June 29, the house has unveiled another masterwork by the British artist coming up for sale in London on July 28.
Artists Embrace Lenticular Printing Across Forms (Featuring Jeff Robb)
Lenticular imagery remains one of the most intriguing and underutilized artistic mediums of the past 100 years. Scarred by a history of novelty merchandise, pinups, and strange religious reproductions, it has been an uphill battle for it to be taken seriously as a method of artistic production. But it is a rich medium for the creatively curious, a flat printed surface that can portray both motion and dimensionality with no need for electricity or special lighting. Lenticular is seeing a resurgence of use by legitimate artists and is being taken seriously by collectors and museums alike.
Art News: A Look Back at the Short-Lived Met Breuer: What Worked and What Didn’t
The Met's experiment with satellite programming made for some notable hits and misses.
Fredy Villamil Honored with the cover of Dario Las America’s
First time in 67 years that the newspaper has altered its cover.
Art News: Collectors’ Toolkit: Why Is Art Finance a Growing Business?
At the beginning of coronavirus lockdown, Bloomberg and other outlets ran articles on an uptick in business in the art finance sector. The major auctions are set to happen in the forthcoming weeks, and they will act as the first major benchmark for the market since the coronavirus crises began. But the growth of art finance is a sign that business is still going strong.
How to Talk About Your Art
Throughout the career of any artist, the need to talk about your art is always present. Gallerists and curators will want to know why they should work with you, clients will want to know the story behind the art and how your aesthetic fits with what they want, even friends at dinner parties will want a glimpse into what it is you do as an artist and what message you are trying to convey.
A Retrospective. A Collection of Lenticular Photography by Jeff Robb
A collection of figurative and abstract works spanning the years of this world renowned, museum curated lenticular photographer.
The Art of Alan Wolton
Enjoy Alan Wolton's breadth of work including European cityscapes, landscapes and florals. All works are original oils on canvas and vary from large to smaller scale.
Art News: Francesco Bonami Remembers Late Curator Germano Celant: ‘He Changed the Way Art Was Made’
A curator, like an artist, can have in his career a single intuition powerful enough to leave an indelible mark on the history of art. Lucio Fontana made the revolutionary gesture of slashing a white canvas, and that changed painting forever; Germano Celant did something similar by slashing a gash in art history with Arte Povera.
Artist Spotlight: Jurgen Gorg
Jürgen Görg is a German artist best known for his Renaissance-inspired paintings and drawings, often depicting erotic figures rendered with graceful lines and anatomical accuracy. Görg seeks a sense of lyrical and musical flow in his works, something influenced from his study of musical instruments such as guitar and saxophone.
Art News: Elizabeth Peyton, Amy Sillman, and Other Artists Have Designed Motivational Posters for Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines
With more than 84,000 documented cases of COVID-19, New York has the most known infections of any US state by a large margin. In a gesture of solidarity with the city’s overworked and undersupplied healthcare workers—the soldiers in this battle—a group of more than 85 artists have teamed up to make posters of gratitude and encouragement to appear in Intensive Care Units in New York hospitals.
Art Industry News: Jerry Saltz on How the Lockdown Era Will Give Birth to a Very Different Art World + Other News
Plus, MOCA furloughs most of its remaining staff and French galleries team up to organize a charity auction to benefit healthcare workers.
10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours
The originals are out of reach for now, but you can still see world-class art – without the queues or ticket prices – with an online tour of these famous museums
Here Are 15 Artworks That Perfectly Capture the Dissipation and Ennui of ‘Social Distancing’
We'd like to think we're handling it like a Robert Henri, but it feels more like we're Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich.
HAPPENINGS: Onessimo to highlight artist’s work
Internationally known as one of the most gifted art prodigies of a generation, Alexandra Nechita brings “Reimagined,” an exhibition of new work, to Onessimo Fine Art in Palm Beach Gardens.

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